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Tell Us,

What can we do to help you more? Caisson labs is focused on you. In fact, to do what we do best means first understanding what you need most. We invite you to give us your feedback, view what others are saying, and help us provide you with the most personalized service available. We are also proud to post some of the amazing successes of many of our customers found to the right under the title "see what we're doing".


Personalized Service

Quality and price have brought on a third partner — personalized service

At Caisson Labs we don't try to avoid our customers' individuality, we embrace it. Turns out we're great problem-solvers. Sure we continue to manufacture the finest animal cell culture and plant tissue culture products, but our commitment to you doesn't stop there. We understand you also have unique needs, workflow, budget, and time restrictions that set you and your work apart. We personalize our expertise to fit yours.

Tell us about it

Go ahead, tell us your wants, your dreams, your wishes, your woes. We want to hear them all. Really. Our account services representatives are available to discuss with you any custom need you might have. Ask them about some of what we're already offering:

  • Work with you to optimize your systems
  • Optimizing our facilities and procedures to meet your unique needs
  • Access to amazing resources through our website
  • Easy online reorder technology
  • Custom order capability
  • Insight and invention: our constant effort to make better and more useful products and services for you
  • We operate under cGMP & ISO Guidelines
  • Consistently produce fine animal cell culture and plant tissue culture products to your specifications.