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Caisson Labs is unique among manufacturers of animal cell culture and plant tissue culture reagents. You'll find in Caisson a knowledgeable, reliable and flexible partner eager to know your needs and accommodate them. Learn more about us here or contact one of our account service representatives.


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Welcome to Caisson Labs. We're proud to be a bit unusual amongst our competitors. In fact, there's really not another company like us. True, we manufacture and supply products for animal cell culture (including: cell culture media, FBS (Fetal bovine serum), buffer solutions, antimicrobials, and other reagents) and for plant research and micropropagation (including tissue culture media, plant growth regulators, agars, biochemicals and much more).

However, we are manufacturers on another crucial scale as well. Because we focus on the individual and specific needs of each of our customers, we are manufacturers of improved workflow, greater efficiency, cost savings, reliability, and ultimately better results for our customers. We invite you to experience a new culture, truly unlike any other.

Our history

Founded in December 2000, Caisson Laboratories is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the field of biotechnology and life sciences industries. Caisson's current product portfolio includes an extensive line of products based on plant and animal cell culture.

In 2003, Caisson merged with Apomyx Inc., a company focused on the development of plant based technologies to meet the world's growing needs for food, energy, and pharmaceuticals. Research on these technologies is moving forward with multiple products scheduled for release over the next few years.

Caisson Laboratories will continue its development of technology in both fields, seeking ways to merge the two technologies together and provide innovative solutions to the world's ever-changing needs.


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